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The John Vorhees Comedy Tour is available for clubs, bars, corporate events and partys. Want to bring in more revenue on a slow night, or make a good night great? Have a company Christmas party you want all the employees to remember into thier retirement? The John Vorhees Comedy Tour may be just the thing for you!

The John Vorhees Comedy Tour offers you a complete comedy solution for nearly any budget. Anything from a full "Comedy Club" type show of 2 or 3 comics with John Vorhees headlining to John performing a one man show. Everything is taken care of for this 1 1/2 - 2 hour event from sound system and pre-show music to posters or flyers. A press release will even be sent to your local paper(s).

Please note that the John Vorhees Comedy Tour is designed for mature audiences. This is a real comedy show with adult topics and language. Please take your venue and audience into consideration before booking a show.

For more information, questions or to book a show e-mail:

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John C. Vorhees
c/o Vorhees Enterprises
1814 17th Ave
Sterling, IL 61081

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