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I was born in Illinois and raised in Iowa, add my looks to the equation and you can see why I don't have a lot going for me! I've been married three times and looking back I don't see how I got three women to date me. Maybe they did it out of spite.

My hometown is Albia, IA. It is aprox. 20 miles west of Ottumwa. Just think if I had beat Tom Arnold to Roseanne... well, then I would have had to have sex with her! I don't know if any amount of fame is worth that price. Actually my first ex-wife went to school with one of Tom's brothers and I have met both Tom & Roseanne. They are both very nice people. (translation: I would screw either one or both of them for any amount of fame, recognition or money)

Grade school first brought me to the stage. I started singing and performing for school functions. In high school I joined the elite Albia Community Pops Choir and became the soloist for my class. I continued to sing for a short while past school. I joined the Army and since my name isn't Elvis it did not help my singing career. After the service I spent a lot of time looking for my place in life. All my looking brought me back to the stage.

I started doing stand up comedy in 1996 out of Davenport, Iowa. I hit the open mic's at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in both Des Moines & Davenport as well as some guest spots in Davenport. After moving to Sterling, IL I started making regular apearances in Peoria, IL at the Jukebox Comedy Club for their pro/ams. I have been a finalist for their funny man contest two years running. I have gone from performing at local area establishments to traveling abroad, taking the stage at various comedy clubs, bars & other venues across the country.

Performing comedy has given me the opportunity, as well as extreme pleasure, to work with some very talented people in the field. There are too many to list them all here; but some of them are: Dwight York, Mike Armstrong, David Graham, Larry "Uncle Lar" Reeb, Paul Frisbie, Kirk Noland, Mark Sweeney, Jimmy "The Last Hippie" Wiggins, Chili Challis, Steve Brewer, Seth Buchwald, John Caponera, Rex Havens, Randy Chestnut & Scott Derenger. You can visit their websites and the sites of many other funny people through the "clubs/links" page.

I have been told that I look at things "differently" than "normal" people. As I perform my show I try to give you a little glimpse into my visions of reality. There really isn't any subject matter that I don't have an opinion on, and I'll let you know what I think. If you get the opportunity to check out my show I do hope you enjoy it. If you haven't seen me perform don't be afraid to ask you local comedy club, or other entertainment venue, for me by name.

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